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SV's core

Is there a core in SV? Is there a value set in the middle of the SV that binds the different parts of the party's politics together and which at the same time has appeal to both a left side and a right side internally in the party?


Left opposition in SV in person: Hans Ebbing, and his comment to the undersigned in Ny Tid nr 36, raises the question above (I will return to his post towards the end). For the political distance between us is large and illustrates that there are two wings in the SW. Should one of us be in another party – or is SV's values ​​broad enough to cover both a left and a right side internally?

Last weekend before the election, Dagbladet-Fredag ​​asked many young voters what they would vote for. One of those who answered "SV", was a new mother named Christina Sundet (21). She said: “It has to do with the way I was raised. I am liberal and socialist, and I like SV's views. . .

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