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Syrian echoes at the arrival of the Yellow West

Popular revolt is at its core the same, be it in Syria or France, writes a group of revolutionary exiles.


Of Revolutionary Women And Men From Syria In Exile

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. 169, December 14, 2018. Translated from Arabic to French by Inés Zordane and re-translated from French by Carsten Juhl.

We who have experienced the Syrian revolution on the ground or in exile are pleased to witness the revolt of the French people. We, on the other hand, are astonished at the "security measures" and the "maintenance of the order" exercised against the Yellow West in the country which is said to be "human rights". Although we are not so impressed with the Democratic showcase of the French Republic, we would equally contribute to the finding that it is the state itself that is crushing it.

The hallucinating number of detentions that have taken place over the past few weeks, the explanations and judgments that have come about in the immediately held lawsuits against people because of their political convictions and without evidence of any crime, the call to the Army for intervention, the preventive arrests, the video footage of police repression, seen everywhere in France, government and media propaganda, their ridiculous attempts to curb the situation, all of which takes us back to what we experienced as the Syrian revolution began.


The violence of the French order is, of course, far from the real bullets of the Syrian regime. However, we see it more as a sign of caution than a lack of willingness to turn up the funds that have been used so far. In the statements and behavior of the president, the police, and often the media, we can recognize the reaction of a regime prepared to hold power whatever it may cost.

The scene from the raid in Mantes-La-Jolie makes us gasp. For us Syrians, it immediately brings to mind the school students from Daraa, who were detained in 2011 because of a graffiti on their school's wall with the inscriptions "It will soon be your turn, Doctor" and "Freedom," and some of them got their nails torn off . Although the two scenes differ in terms of the extent of violence, they reaffirm the same inclination of opposition governments to humiliate those who destabilize them. In fact, the revolution in Syria started when the mayor of Deraa refused to free the imprisoned children and replied, "Forget your children, your women will give you some others. Or bring us your women and we'll do it for you. "

Normalizing violence. But let's go back a little, to Place de la Contrescarpe on May 1st this year. Because something was going on that we thought was exclusive. We have a lot of Benallas!2 but they belong to neither the army nor the police: they are gangs in civilian. While they previously took care of the looting and seizures caused by the regime, so have shabihaThe revolutionaries specialize in mistreatment, torture and killing of protesters, be they armed or unarmed.

When truth be told, so be it tashbih3 has become a way of normalizing the regime's violence, turning it into something patriotic. It is a discursive and material device that has gradually been extended to persons who are not affiliated with the government but are determined to defend the regime to the last. The comment (from a police officer or a civilian?) Heard in the video footage from the Mantes-La-Jolie raid, "Here we have a class that will behave politely", is an example of tashbih par excellence. Basically, all oppression is sadistic.

Admittedly, suppression here does not manifest itself in the same way, for there are several ways in which a population can be controlled. In the French case today, the crumbs that the regime reluctantly relinquishes are merely a pretext for the public to justify the attacks being made against those who will not go home to themselves.


A few years ago, the Arab peoples were congratulated for rebelling. The Arab Spring was a beautiful surprise, because finally the Arabs no longer accepted being subject to the dictatorship. As for the French people, who allegedly have freedom of speech and assembly and who can vote in "free" elections (albeit staged by the rich's money and media), it must have risen because of "social circumstances" which the experts and specialists say. To answer them, keep in mind that people in Syria do not optional revolted in order to use some election cards or write their opinion in the newspapers. It was about dignity. That is why we rebelled against the dictatorship in Syria. In today's France, we meet protesters who are fighting for a better distribution of wealth and against a minority who is abusing its power. We cannot remain neutral. We must restore the dignity here as the hoax.

And then we talk about radicalization for us. What we see is violence toward things on one side with the smashed windows of luxury stores and banks. And these are some (un) significant cases. And on the other hand, a violence against persons, a violence to defend the said "things" endangers life. And the state it kills. Over everything and not just in a country like ours.

The proverb is well known to us: your troublemakers and troublemakers are our "criminals" and "agitators", your ultra-left and the extreme right are our "infiltrated" and "outside agents". The Syrian regime created a whole dictionary. The attempt to erase the anger and resistance by despising these feelings and making them alien – and thus far more extreme – shows us that as soon as power is questioned, it lends itself to using the same language. We must never let them spread confusion.

Finally, as far as immigration and racism are concerned, we have listened to Macron's speech: the slippage he made in responding to "the crisis of tax printing and representation" that supposedly came from "a discomfort with the changes in our society , a worldly under pressure and some ways of living that create barriers and distance 'are serious and dangerous. That speech is no different from that of Le Pens and others. And it is not new either, but manifests itself in some concrete systematic effects: confinement, humiliation, deportation. To the men and women who are wary of joining the Yellow West: There is one thing that is clear, it is first and foremost the racist state that must be countered.

As for some Yellow West remarks against immigration, the fight is different here: The meeting and the dialogue can be an occasion. A cup of tea at a roundabout and the small talk at the barricade finally enable a conversation far away from the institutional and governmental twists that otherwise constitute the true barriers. To say that we believe that those who deprive the French of their opportunity of a dignified life are neither immigrants nor exiles, but, on the contrary, the indomitable wealth of some persons.

That is why we urge the exiles in France to stand up, to show the courage to take our presence here and never feel guilty about a colonial power that graciously should have granted us the right to live. There can no longer be some who are unchallenged.


We will not make any comparison, but it seems important to us to indicate some parallel features and to cross some paths. Let us nourish the revolutionary circuits that extend beyond the one-sided solidarity that is often white, bourgeois, humanitarian and charitable. For our part, we have chosen to make our efforts available to try to build a real distribution of funds, thoughts and concerns. Basically, what we would say is that what we would have liked to hear in recent years was that our struggle is common.

The will of destiny is neither divisive nor limited to the national level: You cannot advocate a revolution in Syria while standing on Macron's side. Fighting him and his world is a step for us to put an end to Assad and his hell.

It is still too early to return home, but it is not too late to get away. It will always be time to get rid of some heads. In any case, the cases will not stand the way they did before. The peoples will no longer have anything to do with a smelly world. However, overthrowing the regimes is not enough, it is behind after the battle has to be won. It is the collapse of a system that feeds Macroner and Assader that will be satisfactory.

Vi his snart.

1 Alexandre Benalla, security agent associated with the presidential palace, was filmed while knocking a protester May 1 this year. Oa
2 Brigade Anti-Criminalité: The anti-crime brigade was created in 1994. It belongs to the security police and usually operates in civilian. Oa
3 Muslim Presence Concept. Oa

The text is written by some
revolutionary men and women.

See Carsten Juhls comment.

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