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The decent

: Orientering 17 August 1968

Circus Tricky Dick – what does the Republicans' National Assembly mean?

: Orientering 17. August 1968: The election of Richard Nixon as Republican presidential candidate came as no surprise. In this article, Helge Rønning sheds light on the person Nixon, the American electoral system and the society in which people like Nixon and Wallace may have a relatively broad electoral appeal.

Norway out of NATO

: The campaign Norway out of NATO aims for Norway's foreign policy to ensure the country's independence, contribute to relaxation, disarmament and peace and to even out the gap between rich and poor peoples. The Government's reports of continued NATO membership beyond 1969 and a new defense plan for the years 1969-73, respectively, confirm that the campaign's high-profile goals are incompatible with continued NATO membership.

The icon that failed

Stig Holmquist: The dictator's gaze. Robert Mugabe – from freedom hero to dictator

: Stig Holmquist's biography of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe describes the fall the head of state went through, from being a 60's liberation hero to the 2000's hated dictator. Why did it go so wrong?

The 68 generation according to German history writing

Heinz Bude / Alexander Sedlmaier / Christina von Hodenberg: Adorno for Ruinschildren: A History of 1968 / Consumption and Violence: Radical Protest in the Federal Republic / The Other Eighties: Social History of a Revolt

: Three newly published books about the sixty-eight provide partly surprising and new perspectives. All are written by scientists who do not even belong to this mythical generation.

Orientering: At Kennedy's death

: Compassion and disgust are words that are repeated in the comments to the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Our US-friendly press is full of compassion for the senator and his family, and it does not hypocrisy. Its abhorrence of what has happened is deep and genuine.

Orientering: The Black Revolution

: The US authorities know that the ghetto uprisings will one day develop into a regular uprising. Based on the so-called McCarran law, they have planned a number of internment camps – regular concentration camps – where they can place enemies of the system.

Give me back "68"

: Can the 68 gene emerge in a new form and form the basis for the development of a sustainable society?

The Norwegian students' camp

: The student uprising goes from country to country, and has now also reached the University of Oslo. This does not mean that Norwegian students come forward with an imported "revolution". The Norwegian uprising originates partly in special Norwegian conditions, and partly in conditions that are common to the universities in the industrialized countries.

Germany 50 years after the student riots

Gretchen Dutschke / Rudi Dutschke / Elisabeth Zoeller: 1968. We are proud to dare / story is feasible. Texts about the prevailing falsehood and the Radicality of Peace / Change the World! The Life of Rudi Dutschke

: Much is unclear about the role of key players in the German '68 uprising. Therefore, a black-and-white interpretation of the era will never be correct. 

1968 – 2018 – the dream lives on

: A look back at 1968 during this year's international documentary festival in Thessaloniki.

Berliner Impressions

: On Maundy Thursday afternoon, student leader Rudi Dutschke was shot down near the SDS office in the middle of Kurfürstendamm. With blood flowing from three gunshot wounds, he ran many meters and shouted: "Father, mother, soldiers, soldiers. I have to go to the hairdresser. "

What is happening in the United States?

: Martin Luther King fortunately died at the right time, writes author Bill Caldwell.