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Narcissism and resonance

Martin Altmeyer: Looking for Resonance How to change your soul life in digital modernity

: Martin Altmeyer is tired of criticism of social media and wants to redefine the concept of narcissism. But does he succeed?

Increasing conformity

Eva Oer and Christian Coers: Generation #selfie

: The selfie culture threatens to reduce us to marketing agents of our social-media personality, believe two German authors.

That day everything becomes free

Paul Mason: Post Capitalism

: In Post-Capitalism, Paul Mason argues that information technology has the potential to transcend capitalism and create forms of production independent of the traditional market. 

What has the peace movement achieved?

Christine Schweitzer and Jørgen Johansen: To prevent or stop wars – what can peace movements do?

: New book looks at what the peace movement can learn from experiences from previous peace struggles.

"The individual must see it as their highest goal to live for others"

Peter Norman Waage: Dostoevsky in dialogue.

: Dostoevsky is at least as "contemporary" an author as many of our contemporaries.

A critic's defense speech 

AO Scott: Better living through criticism.

: The critic tests how art can benefit the citizens of civil society. We need criticism more than ever! 

The hunt for the green

Eivind Hoff-Elimari: Gold or green forests. Politics for the good life.

: In a Norway where waste volumes are growing, topsoil is being reduced and greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, Eivind Hoff-Elimari will wake up his fellow citizens.

Everyday Utopias

Frederick Jameson: An American Utopia

: Political opposition exists in existing institutions and in everyday life, says Frederick Jameson.