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JULY 22: In my opinion, the police could have panicked

EQUIPMENT: I transported 24 battered, shock-injured young people to safety on the mainland from Utøya. Several times I led the boat out to this hell on earth. Where were the police?

The trauma story

JULY 22ND: Utøya as a hotbed for budding party affiliation: This generation still cannot be gagged.

Proximity to American conventionalism

Of the two new films about the Utøya massacre, it is Reconstructing Utøya which, through four survivors' honest accounts, in all its simplicity allows us to see both the extent of the tragedy and a way forward for those involved.

Soothing staging

Reconstructing Utøya is close, brave and warm – if you can only watch one movie about Utøya, it is strongly recommended to wait for this one. 

They are careless

Poppe's feature film paves the way for care and a new focus on the survivors of the Utøya tragedy.

Interpretation and prejudice

The dramatizations of our great national tragedy are in line. Why is it more sensitive that a foreigner manages 22. Christmas story than one of our own filmmakers?