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5G and health effects

RADIATION: Organizations and professional networks with close ties to the telecom and defense industry, determine in practice Norwegian limit values ​​today.

Trojan horses for Chinese intelligence?

HUAWEI: The United States is as believing as China in using national technology as a means of mass surveillance and political manipulation.

At full speed into an ecological cul-de-sac

5G: It is not documented that 5G is safe. On the contrary, 5G will amplify the damage we have all inflicted on the biosphere and life on Earth.

5G can promote the UN's sustainability goals

POVERTY: 5G opens up unprecedented opportunities in distance learning and education.

Who is the 5G revolution for?

5G: This autumn, Trondheim will be Norway's first 5G city. 5G will lay the foundation for a technological revolution. Advertising for the people includes faster internet, smart cities and the Internet of Things. But is life getting better?

Sentenced to inform about the health risks of mobile use

: Italian authorities are sentenced to inform the public about health risks associated with mobile phone use. When will we receive such information in Norway and the Nordic countries?

Taboo in Telekom-Norway

: The article on 5G development in Ny Tid's October issue addresses the suspected harmful effects of wireless technology. Authorities around the world have listened to the researchers and acted – Norwegian authorities do the opposite.

The wireless industry's sunsets?

Radiation: A call from researchers and doctors around the world asks the European Commission to stop the roll-out of 5G in Europe until the health and environmental consequences have been studied by impartial researchers. The appeal points out that the harmful effects of microwaves are known, and already today so extensive that they threaten the health of humans, animals and plants.

The disappearance of the species

Radiation: Researchers have made mobile radiation findings that should give us all a bad night's sleep.