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The power of 20 years of propaganda

911: How can it be that a man like Spike Lee believed so strongly that New York's Twin Towers and Building 7 were taken down with explosives that he wanted to spend the last 30 minutes of his documentary series exploring, if not defending, such a view?

Do the right thing

911: Spike Lee's documentary series, which now airs on HBONordic, is a comprehensive depiction of New York – interspersed with memories, stories and insights from eyewitnesses to the city's largest terrorist attack.

20 years after September 11

DOCUMENTARY: A research team in Alaska has via research and new computer-simulated models concluded that the NIST report on 11 September has been incorrect. Something for NRK?

Signs of the Media Times – interview with Truls Lie

INTERVIEW: MODERN TIMES's editor Truls Lie interviewed by Forum Borealis on several topics.

On the dark side of truth

MEDIA: The struggle for truth – and thus for documentary – has become brutal. A new book analyzes how truth claims and digital culture shape our political realities.

Healthy skepticism about alternative perspectives

Conspiracy Theories: The Internet is teeming with conspiracy theories that can be both a driving force and a tool for political propaganda and suspicion of the opposing party.

What we can't talk about in Norway

9 / 11: The truth about what really happened 11. September 2001 has not yet been clarified. But the insight Skaftnesmo conveys is solid enough to establish that a plane attack was not enough to bring down the three World Trade Center buildings.

MODERN TIMES: Journalist seeks truth

September 11st: What happened to the Norwegian public when MODERN TIMES wrote about 9/11? See the debate that followed.

Other Press Be Cautious Poster

AVERAGE: There are two Be careful posters for the press: the written and the unwritten.

Ny Tid complained in fact to PFU

Media: John Y. Jones and Arne Ruth, both on Ny Tid's editorial board, have on behalf of Ny Tid complained in fact to the Press Professional Committee in connection with the essay on the events in New York on September 11, 2001, which we printed last autumn.

An example of the invaluable value of free art

September 11st: Torild Street's charcoal drawing of the view from Twin Towers will be part of the permanent collection at the 9 / 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero in New York next month.

9 / 11 – the destruction of the WTC towers

September 11st: Could explosives have contributed to the collapse of the Twin Towers? Had it been possible at all to plan and carry out a controlled demolition?

Let's stick to science when it comes to 9/11, not conspiracies

Unfortunately, there was more focus on the "problem of conspiracy theorists" than the discussion of facts and scientific arguments after Ny Tid's 9/11 article in September.


Media: When did it become part of the Beware poster to take everything in the worst sense?

The new fascism

Conspiracy: We are more at risk of being labeled as conspiracy theorists if we question so-called adopted truths – no matter what the facts say or what history should have taught us.

The new positivism

September 11st: You are almost blindfolded, asked to apologize, or hanged and insulted.