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Let's stick to science when it comes to 9 / 11, not conspiracies

: Unfortunately, there was more focus on the "problem of conspiracy theorists" than discussing facts and scientific arguments after Ny Tid's 9/11 article in September.


Media: When did it become part of the Beware poster to take everything in the worst sense?

The new fascism

Conspiracy: We are several who risk being branded as conspiracy theorists if we question so-called accepted truths – no matter what the facts say or what history should have taught us.

The new positivism

11. September: You almost get a bandage, are asked to apologize, or are hung up and insulted.

"Obviously 9 / 11 was a blast," Ketcham says

11. September: What Destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001? There are many indications that it was a controlled demolition, experts believe.


Conspiracy: It is with conspiracy theories as with all other theories: Either they are true, or they are false – and this can only be clarified through research.

The terrorist campaign against Twin Towers – a gift to the NSA

Friedrich Moser: A Good American

11. September: Overwhelming Corruption at Government Level in the United States and a Global Attack on Democracy: Friedrich Moser's documentary A Good American Serves Important "Alternative Facts".

USA: The debate that never took place

Media: It is actually possible to discuss what really happened on September 11, 2001 – in a sober way.