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atomic bomb

The Cold War

When NATO history is written in Norway, it is always the "coup in Czechoslovakia" that is the starting point. (ORIENTERING APRIL 22, 1969)

How many nuclear weapons can withstand the globe? 

We live in a world where a large number of nuclear weapons are ready to be fired. But what does a film artist like Peter Greenaway have to say about it?

Is World War III already underway?

The father is not Trump, but Hillary Clinton, who represents a totalitarian system with a liberal face. Now mini-atom bombs are next.

From power politics to anxiety politics

The nuclear issue became more and more important in Orientering in the years leading up to 1958. The newspaper was active in its coverage and not least prior to its ...

As the sun fell over Hiroshima

Through the filmmaker's own family history, The Day tells the Sun Fell about the consequences of Japan's nuclear bombing – a national trauma constantly associated with stigma and lack of knowledge in the Sun's realm.