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Bjørneboe and the theater's future

CONVERSATION: Do we have too many "petty-bourgeois" or aestheticized dramas when time holds so many major political problems? Therese Bjørneboe about her father and the theater before and now.

Geoff Dyer – an aristocratic essayist

Geoff Dyer translated by Bjørn Alex Herrman: We're here to go somewhere else

COMPASSION?: A mixture of helplessness and arrogance: Have Knausgård fans got someone they can identify with?

The 68 generation according to German history writing

Heinz Bude / Alexander Sedlmaier / Christina von Hodenberg: Adorno for Ruinschildren: A History of 1968 / Consumption and Violence: Radical Protest in the Federal Republic / The Other Eighties: Social History of a Revolt

: Three newly published books about the sixty-eight provide partly surprising and new perspectives. All are written by scientists who do not even belong to this mythical generation.

The art of living essayistically

Brian Dillon: Essayism

: The most fascinating parts of Dillon's essays about the essay are about how the genre heralds a form other than the literary.