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To represent the multitude and diversity of the world

AVANTGARDE: The program of the avant-garde was often about 'wild socialism' – the socialism that was critical of the Soviet Union. Aesthetically pleasing is that they uncompromisingly challenged our idea of ​​success.

Lots of life, movies and poetry

ESSAYIST: Immediately dive into the scribblings of Scottish Margaret Tait about poetry and film and all that makes life worth living. For example, as she writes about the experimental film – it is like poetry: airy, open, you can dive into it and just swim around.

European DNA

DEMOCRACY: Rémi Brague analyzes in an original, albeit not unproblematic manner, his way to Europe's DNA – if Europe were to have an inferiority complex, why have we always arrogantly and brutally sought to incorporate others, take over, defeat? The second book, by Mikkel Bolt and Dominique Routhier, presents democratic texts of the time.

A farewell to democracy

FREEDOM? Is voting an isolated individual act that in no way questions the power of the state, but rather confirms it?

A traveling anarchist suitcase

JOURNAL? A Danish cross-aesthetic journal has now published its new double number 4-5 on almost 500 pages.

The understanding of the possible

MARX: Mikkel Bolt takes hold of the many uprisings of our time. He belongs to the theorists who would have liked to see the settlement of what we might call state and party Marxism.

Can we recover the Amazon's lung?

ecosophy: Current Brazil looks like Guattari's worst nightmare. His mental revolution also suggests that nature itself comes first.

Our constant hustle and bustle

SLEEP: Today's working life and economy have created a mental climate that promotes individuals who are constantly busy, interacting, responding, communicating – and thus a type of human being accustomed to dwelling, hesitating, wondering or daydreaming.

Explosive and jargon-heavy about contemporary art

The metamorphoses of contemporary art are perhaps too interesting.