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What should Europe do?

EUROPE: Europe and EU co-operation have developed in step with society's crises and challenges. On that occasion, MODERN TIMES has asked a number of Norwegian opinion leaders questions about the future of Europe. The EU's Green Deal shows leadership on the environment and climate, in addition to digital services. We ask which areas the EU should prioritize, with appropriate political, legal or industrial initiatives and forms of cooperation.

Basic values

EUROPE: Many argue that Europe should to a greater extent defend our fundamental values ​​such as freedom of expression and respect for the rule of law.

Sales Pitch!

: COMMENT: Not a word was mentioned about the geopolitical bias of gas when Norway was in Brussels to market itself.

Invest in peace, not war

: More than 12 recently protested against NATO in Brussels.

Soft porn for the down side

Jean Quatremer: Read the Salauds de l'Europe Guide to the Eurosceptics

: As the modern world's last pacifist utopia, the European adventure must continue, writes Jean Quatremer, who can still quickly become the neo – nephew's useful idiot.