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Where are we going now?

: Is globalization an evil that should now be fought? No, it's more nuanced. We who have an international orientering looks with fear at how international cooperation is now weakening with the pandemic.

Chinese loyalty clashes with American tradition on the factory floor

Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert: American Factory

GLOBALIZATION: American Factory offers cultural collision and fraternization between workers from high-tech China and American working class.

The pandemic will create a new world order

Mike Davis: According to activist and historian Mike Davis, in wild reservoirs, such as bats, up to 400 types of coronavirus are just waiting to be transmitted to other animals and humans.

2050: Earth is our wisest teacher

SCENARIO: Imagine, it's the year 2050, and we look back at the origins and development of the coronavirus pandemic in the last three decades: both the plagues of pandemics, flooded cities, burned forest areas, droughts and other increasingly violent climate disasters. We offer the following scenario for such a prospect from the future.

Berlin stinks

BERLINALE: There is really something lurking behind the films at the Berlinale this year.

The big backdrop world

Yu Hua Translator Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg: China in ten words

CHINA: Yu Hua shows how today's economy-driven China in 40 years has moved from a peasant society to the most economically powerful country

From individual participation to authoritarian politics

Nathan Gardels, Nicolas Berggruen: Renovating Democracy – Governing in the Age of Globalization and Digital Capitalism

POLICY: Is technological development destabilizing modern democracies? China can be seen as a positive counterpart to the West.

Ho Chi Minh's wills

ORIENTERING 25.10.1969: At the solemn ceremony commemorating Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi on September 10, Lo Duan, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Labor Party, read out this political will from Ho Chi Minh:

What's new in the uprising

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: The new form of protest mentioned by the anarchists does not want an overarching "narrative" about the events in Hong Kong.

Little money, plenty of bills

Han Xiao: Life is a Belief

SLIT: The story of two men struggling to pay unexpected hospital bills shows the turning point in modern China.

Can the desire for peace win over American warlifers?

USA VS CHINA: US foreign policy elite engages in anti-Chinese rhetoric and has cut diplomacy in favor of demands.

China's selective memory

ANNIVERSARIES WITH BISMAK: Does not the Chinese regime see the irony in paying tribute to the students who demonstrated in 1919, while continuing to crush any protest from today's students?