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What is security today?

Debate: If we want peace, we must prepare for peace, not war. In the preliminary party programs, no party in the Storting is in favor of disarmament.

UN states: Far from banning killing robots

WEAPONS OF THE FUTURE: Human Rights Watch has released a report on the regulation of autonomous weapons. What will determine the wars of the future?

The document that started the war in 2001

United States / Militarization:: In this article, Niels Harrit points out that the participation of European countries in the attack on Afghanistan in 2001 was illegal – according to the UN Treaty. Were a number of countries tricked into the "war on terror"?

Behind the idyll lurks the landmines

Silva Khnkanosian: Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Guns: Five female deminers attempt to remove landmines in Nagorno-Karabakh's beautiful landscape.

The US plans were real – but the defense minister still won't respond

ORIENTERING 6. SEPTEMBER 1969: On Monday last week, the West German magazine "Stern" reported that it had received a secret American plan for e.g. ABC warfare in Europe. It states in detail how nuclear, chemical and biological weapons will be used in both Western and Eastern Europe. According to Arbeiderbladet, this has attracted "considerable attention" on the continent.

The iconic bell

Fritz Ofner, Eva Hausberger: Weapon of Choice Directors

: Despite a rather directionless narrative, this collection of stories about a gun named Glock is worth seeing.

What about NATO?

: Ingeborg Breines takes a strong stand against those in power's "security strategies", NATO and the military industry. A secure future is not built with weapons, but with a culture of peace based on dialogue and solidarity, she writes.

Deadly everyday life in the United States

Gary Younge: Another Day in the Death of America – A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives

: Since January, more than 8000 have been killed and 15 injured in more than 000 shooting episodes in the United States. If this trend continues, the total number of deaths will exceed 32 by the end of the year – the corresponding number killed in the war in Yemen.

Norway and the war in Yemen

: Without the people of Norway being aware of it, Norwegian politicians approve the sale of weapons and ammunition to oppressive dictatorships that systematically kill civilians in Yemen. 

Info war and arms purchases

: EU and NATO leaders point out that they want to strengthen military cooperation. Will it lead to increased militarization of Europe?

Arms trade

: "The Shadow World" is based on Andrew Feinstein's journalistic excavation work on the West's enormous arms trade and arms production.

In the pockets of the billionaires

: "The war on terror" keeps journalists employed and the population quiet, at the same time as the rearmament of the war brings enormous gains – to a few.