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The pandemic will create a new world order

Mike Davis: According to activist and historian Mike Davis, in wild reservoirs, such as bats, up to 400 types of coronavirus are just waiting to be transmitted to other animals and humans.

Were the NATO countries really aware of the dangers that threatened them?

: More exciting than a novel. A first-hand presentation of the Cuba crisis, internal tension, dynamism. No one but Robert F. Kennedy could have written this condensed thriller from reality.

An eternal revolutionary

Francisco Marise: Para la guerra / To War Director

: In a Cuba that is slowly moving further and further away from communism, a Cuban veteran is stuck in the past.

Cuba – Free Territory of America

: Today the Cuban revolution celebrates its 10th anniversary. It was on January 2, 1959 that Fidel Castro and his men moved into Havana and swept away Batista and his criminal regime.

The failure of the Bay of Pigs

: When John F. Kennedy spurred Cuban refugees to the invasion of the Bay of Pigs just over 40 years ago, the CIA believed that the "liberators" would be met by jubilant Cubans. That's not how it went, he says Arnljot Løseth, associate professor of history at Volda University College.