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Fascinating fascism and seductive drivers

NEO-FASCISM: Do many still have fascist longings today, or can one always blame seductive leaders? A closer dive into the 100-year-old Italian fascism and its descendants says something about the dangers we are now likely to face.

In the borderland between fiction and truth

Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story is as playful as the man it portrays. 

The struggle for survival

British filmmaker Kim Longinotto makes documentary films about rebellious outsiders, where women fighting for their own survival are the celebrated protagonist.

A tribute to nothing 

Boris Mitic 'In Praise of Nothing is probably the most unusual documentary you'll see this year.

Revisiting the Cultural Revolution

Tensions increase and tears in common as we follow young Chinese actors as they are trained as Mao Zedong's Red Guardians and relive the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

A painful catharsis

Sofia Haugan will make a full-length documentary about her father who is a drug addict. But first she has to find him. 

Inside the captive psyche

In California, there is a program that allows the detained zone of peace of mind.

A cry for Syria

"The same can happen anywhere in the world," says Evgenij Afineevsky, who, with Cries from Syria, gives a strong and easy-to-understand picture of the war years the country has been through.

Why not Sanders?

Why didn't Bernie Sanders win in the general election? Swiss documentary reveals astonishing system failure in the US electoral system.

I Am Not Your Negro: The Necessity of Examples

We can all learn something about the attention and truthfulness of James Baldwin. 

Tribute to a struggling legend

African-American multi-artist Maya Angelou turned all adversity into wisdom and poetry.

Burlesque and war history from the Balkans

The Balkan New Film Festival is coming soon to Oslo and Bergen. The program features both wild comedies and serious war dramas.

Documentaries that will change the world

We are facing a new wave of documentaries that are not content with showing reality. They want to create real social change, far beyond the traditional display rooms.

The righteous war

As a source of stability in the region, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters can gain more support for their liberation struggle, believes controversial philosopher and documentary Bernard-Henri Lévy.

A periphery so peripheral that it is inconceivable

Ghostland is an anthropological documentary and roadmovie of high artistic quality – but the trust between filmmakers and audiences is jarring.

Letter to an unhappy painting

This month's stream movie: Sara Broos' Reflections is a picturesque portrait of the director's artist mother, and thematizes both the deep connections and the painful fences family relationships often feature.