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Dag Herbjørnsrud

On the way into the 2020's

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: The conversation with Thomas Hylland Eriksen.

The timelessness of globalization

Day Herbjørnsrud: Global Knowledge. Renaissance for a new enlightenment

: Herbjørnsrud has written a very important book about the most important political phenomenon of our time – but a book for the few.

Ny Tid is launched in newspaper format


After eight years as a news magazine, the weekly newspaper Ny Tid is today, February 7, back in newspaper format and with tradition-oriented owners. Torild Skard, Tore Linné Eriksen and Einar Krog Grimsgaard want Ny Tid – where busy Orientering – will renew the 60-year-old project. But Minerva editor Nils August Andresen believes a newspaper like Ny Tid is not needed in Norway.

Little national spirit

Stian Bromark, Dag Herbjørnsrud: Norway – a small piece of world history

: It goes fast in the turns when Bromark and Herbjørnsrud point out Norwegian complacency and Norwegian forgetfulness.