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Political biology

Paul B. Precious: Testo Junkie. Sex, drugs and biopolitics in the pharmacopornographic age

DESIRE: On the intersex subject and revolutionary impatience. A resistance made possible by the 'potentia gaudendi', the reserve of unrestrained 'pleasure potency' which constitutes the basic assumption of the philosophy of desire from Reich to Deleuze and Guattari. 'Polemical non-fiction'? Paul B. Preciado takes up Engels' confrontation with the norms of "the family, the state and private property".

ChatGPT – an impersonal paradigm shift?

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Is it only now that individualism, the cultivation of individuals, with new technology such as ChatGPT, is about to change?

Libidinous ecology

Dominic Pettman: Peak Libido

CRISIS: Is nature in its essence erotic? And has capitalism – which will make us desire more of everything – overused our very capacity for desire?

Bjørneboe, Gateavisa, and post-anarchism

: Is it possible that traits from anarchism still have great validity for some of us today?

Diverse immersion in change

: Deleuze's Leibniz book is the most complex philosopher wrote, but also a bible for those who want to immerse themselves in his concept of creation.

The wind in the picture

: In an age of multitasking, media noise and digital streams, Straub-Huillet's films stand as unshakable rocks – asking us to listen to the wind. Exhibition at the art academy in Trondheim