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A caricature of China

Jan Arild Snoen: The new Cold War. USA against China

USA / CHINA: The elephant in space is the US Cold War against China. Jan Arild Snoen's China book is a political pamphlet or insult out of step with the world.

Many Norwegian conservatives will nod appreciatively to Burke

Claus Bryld, Translated from the Danish by Lars Nygaard: The Prophet of Conservatism. Edmund Burke

A DOUBLE BIOGRAPHY: Since the 1950s, Burke's ideas have undergone a renaissance. Opposition to rationalism and atheism is strong among the 40-50 million evangelical Christian Americans.

The anatomy of democracy

Mathilde Fasting: After the end of the story. Meet with Francis Fukuyama

Fukuyama: Francis Fukuyama is one of the world's foremost democracy theorists, and this book provides an updated introduction to his overall authorship.

From naïve national socialism to a renewed ecological philosophy?

Hein Berdinesen, Lars Petter Storm Torjussen: Heidegger's wills. Philosophy, Nazism and Black Booklets Edited by Dreyers Forlag, Norway

: SETTLEMENT: When the existential anxiety today increases among people, Heidegger's philosophy can have some benefit. Is it therefore possible to read parts of him today without just focusing on his Nazi sympathies?

Caught in our own snare

Arne Johan Vetlesen and Rasmus Willig: What should we respond to our children?

: In this ecological battle script, two academics declare a settlement with their own generation on behalf of the grandchildren. The result is an uneven but sincere book – which succeeds best when it calls for direct action and declares ecological state of emergency.

The philosophy of life and nature

Sigurd Hverven: natural Philosophy

: How should we understand nature's relation to our man – made culture?

Between the nursery and the court

And Skagen: Norway, our Norway – A country's biography

: Although cultural radicals are allowed to review Kaj Skagen's assessment of "the Norwegian", much of the thinking in the book comes from one of its foremost representatives, namely Jens Bjørneboe. 

The Liberal Utopia

Dybedahl, Kristjánsson, Innset and Hverven (eds.): No people are born free

: Above all, it is we who do not blame liberalism for all that is wrong in this world, who should dwell on this book.