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The increasingly extensive brutality of the police

Contributions by Elsa Dorlin, Jérôme Floch, Jérôme Baschet, Serge Quadruppani, le Collectif Matsuda, Irene, Guy Lerouge, Mathieu Rigouste: Defy the police, Police domination

VIOLENCE: «Security» is a highly profitable industry where large French private arms manufacturers are increasingly developing and selling security technologies – stun guns, tear gas, water cannons, lightning grenades and drones. Two new books look at French police violence and brutality.

Only one vote among many

Jacques Rancière: And quel temps vivons-nous? Conversation avec Eric Hazan

: Everybody can pursue thinking, says the philosopher Jacques Rancière, and rejects that the masses go around in an ideological fog.

Revolution now!

The invisible committee: Now

: There is nothing to wait for: The world is screaming for an upheaval.