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Urban warfare and lack of social stability

Konflikt: The fact that unemployed urban youth go into drug dealing, street gangs, militias and sectarian political organizations is not surprising. Yet something else may be more important than crime prevention and counter-terrorism.

The colorful Indian microcosm

TRAVEL ESSAY: In search of a self away from the corona pandemic. In India, the western structure is turned upside down. Instead of crying for food and clean water, the homeless masses sing mantras and throw flowers to their idols to forget the hungry…

When your country is against you

Roberto Minervini: What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire?

BLACK PANTS: Robert Minervini's new documentary depicts civilians in New Orleans and their struggle to survive in a country that has apparently failed them.

The dangerous thing about doomsday prophecies

CLIMATE ANXIETY: In reality, the world is moving forward, although fanatical activists and desperate media would like to tell us the opposite.

Gloomy everyday struggles among Scotland's poor

Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin: Scheme Birds

POVERTY: A generation of young Scots show moments of tenderness and care in the midst of everyday frustrations, trials and episodes of violence.

About the Migration Filmmaker

Élodie Lélu: Lettre à Theo

MIGRATION: In Lettre à Theo ("Letter to Theo"), director Élodie Lélu explores the visions and work of the late Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos related to the refugee crisis in Greece.

The sky is not falling

: In many ways, the world is becoming an ever better place to be, for more and more people. According to Bjørn Lomborg, professor at the Copenhagen Business School, we can thank broad economic growth for this.

Difficult and dreaming in Congo

Emmanuel Gras: Makala ("Litter")

: An indomitable will meets the hopelessness of this portrait of a coal breeder in Congo.

Their prosperity is based on our poverty

Julia Dahr: HUMAN 2018: Thank You For The Rain

: Kenyan Kisilu Musya goes from being a father and farmer in the global south to traveling the world as an activist in the global north in this documentary by Julia Dahr.

The discourse of poverty

: Extreme poverty has been halved, but the gap between rich and poor remains. Why?

Speculation and slum must be on the agenda

: The world's slum is growing. There are people who make good money from it.

White trash

: People look at the lens, yet it is as if they would rather give way and retreat to the courtyard, to the field, the family, the intoxication, the church, the sleep.