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Oppenheimer also misses grossly and loudly

NUCLEAR BOMBS: Oppenheimer is an epic biographical thriller. But the film about the enigmatic man has its weaknesses. A proposal to most people with entertainment instead of facts?

Sweden and England were democracies

Notification:The treatment of Julian Assange is a legal disaster that began in Sweden and continued in the United Kingdom. If the United States manages to get Assange extradited, it could prevent the publication of information about the great power in the future.

Black Ax is spreading fear all over the world

BLACK AX: The Nigerian mafia is spreading all over the world, including Scandinavia.

With the people as the client

SNOWDEN: A spy, traitor or patriot? The answer depends on who you ask.

Interesting studies in deviations 

Monster or human? The Mindhunter series digs deep into uncomfortable material to find out the real killer of the serial killer. 

The FBI's long arms

Have the authorities ever managed to limit the desire for more control and surveillance? Last feature of such a management mentality, or governmentality, appeared when ...