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Franco-German connection: Onfray, Houllebecq and Schopenhauer

Houellebecq and Onfray – Schopenhauer's uncritical running boys with books that have little new to bring?

The art and the sense of life

The recently deceased art theorist Mario Perniola could be so searching in his books that these are only understood when the last words are read.

Soul Friends or Arch Enemies?

It is doubtful whether Trump's presidency is based on Ayn Rand's philosophy.

Heretical philosophy-fun

New cartoon gives good portrayals of some of the wisest minds of early modernity.

Self-help literature at its best

Danish psychology professor Svend Brinkman preaches the gospel of austerity with great conviction.

To leave his house

Henry David Thoreau's famous house at Walden Pound was both a political, architectural and ecological act. 

Atheist doomsday prophecy

The fact that Europe's secular is doomed to lose to fanatical religions, which in turn has far more descendants, is a premise that Michel Onfray never investigates its durability.

Philosophical grins

The Terror of Evidence is a book to smile and touch – and to annoy green over.

Only one vote among many

Thinking can be carried on by everyone, argues philosopher Jacques Rancière, and rejects the masses in an ideological fog.

globalization father

Sloterdijk: Despite all secure immunization and security requirements, one cannot reverse the internet, tourism, multi-ethnicity and international trade.

The philosopher we would prefer to displace

Some will discredit Martin Heidegger – because it is something in his social criticism that they would rather forget.

While we wait for communism

We are in the final phase of a reactionary period that has lasted for 40 years, says Alain Badiou: Soon the Communist idea will resurrect.

There remains one philosophical question

- and the answer will determine the further life of the globe.

Explosive and jargon-heavy about contemporary art

The metamorphoses of contemporary art are perhaps too interesting.

The emergence of totalitarianism

New forms of totalitarianism are very relevant today, and thus the philosopher Hannah Arendt.

Between the ideal state and the mall

Author Abensour goes back to Benjamin and More to remind us what it means to think that another world is possible.