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Psychosocial revolutionary

Peter Weiss' political horizon has no topicality. But he was one of the greatest writers of the 1900 century.

Excellent about the Frankfurt School

The founders of the Frankfurt School still have much to teach us. 

Robert Bresson and the film's vigilance

Bresson's realism is about reorganizing our usual ways of seeing things – about finding a cinematic space in which what is usually beyond our grasp can breathe.

Globalization has barely begun

Are the days of globalization over, replaced by a passive distinction between the safe and the supportive? 

Hannah Arendt: To think in dark times

"A crisis becomes a disaster only when we respond to it with preconceived opinions," said Hannah Arendt. 9. February the documentary film about the philosopher is shown at the Artists' House.

The future as the yardstick of all things

Thomas More's book Utopia turns 500 years old this year. Ny Tid uses the opportunity to celebrate this still radical masterpiece. 

The melancholy interpreter has traveled

The Swedish idea historian and essayist Karin Johannisson died in November. Her books on the history of emotions, body and mind will continue to raise important questions for generations. 

That day everything becomes free

In post-capitalism, Paul Mason argues that information technology has the potential to transcend capitalism and create forms of production independent of the traditional market. 

"The individual must see it as their highest goal to live for others"

Dostoevsky is at least as "contemporary" as many of our actual contemporaries.

Television in American taping 

When in doubt, the opportunity is kept open for the most part.

The Art of Coexistence in the Age of Mass Extinction

Man should enter into an intimate and living "collaboration" with other species rather than pursuing a dry zero-sum game of calculated risk and balancing self-interest, Donna Haraway believes. 

Ecosocialism – a Utopia of our time

ESSAY: The Utopian believes in progress, but the idea of ​​progress can also be cold, reckless and irresponsible. Espen Hammer asks if it's finally time to make the oldest of all – nature – our great utopia. 

Intelligence in the time of the bullshit

We are unlikely to experience artificial intelligence in the near future. The question is how can we get stupid machines to facilitate human intelligence.

Fuck autonomy! 

Houellebecq's French dystopia coincides with Arne Garborg's Norwegian decadence. Both write ironic development novels with solutions they themselves do not believe in.

"You have to embrace the world and change society"

The film about the life of the Russian exile poet Joseph Brodsky shows a poet about wanting to escape the demands of the time and get behind things with his words. 

Superficial about intellectuals' bias

The Reckless Mind is an important criticism of philosophers, but forgets to be philosophical.