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All against all

Translated from English by Signe Prøis: Behrouz Boochani: Only the mountains are my friend

REFUGEES: Cohesion is pulverized, everyone just thinks about managing on their own, surviving, tearing up an extra snack, a place in the food queue or the phone queue.

The Art of Escape: A European Nightmare

Hassan Fazil: Midnight Traveler

MIGRANTS: The Fazili family are migrants. They are recording with mobile phones their dangerous journey from Afghanistan via the migrant route in the Balkans and to an uncertain future in Europe.

Where were your revolutionaries, Karl?

Christian Labhart: Passion – Between Revolt and Resignation

PHILOSOPHY: The documentary Passion – Between Revolt and Resignation reflects on man's willingness to engage in his time and to rebel.

The earth accounts for the politics of capitalism

Brett Story: The Hottest August

URBANIZATION: The Hottest August holds up a mirror that reveals the underlying anxiety of modern survival strategy.

Can Islam be modernized?

Sylo Taraku: The struggle for freedom in Islam

REFORM: A thorough presentation and discussion of the work that takes place to reform Islam, in Norway and internationally.

Fears of fear

Nicholas Geyrhalter: The Border Fence

BORDER CONTROL: With or without fences, Europe will have to take part in the ever-changing outside world.

About the Migration Filmmaker

Elodie Lelu: Lettre à Theo

MIGRATION: In Lettre à Theo ("Letter to Theo"), director Élodie Lélu explores the visions and work of the late Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos related to the refugee crisis in Greece.

From the front in the war on refugees

Ai Weiwei: The Rest

THE REFUGEE CRISIS: Chinese artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei follows up his documentary Human Flow with a report from the war zones that await refugees in Europe. The Rest is about the millions who came to seek refuge but did not find it.

New borders in Europe

Antonis Vradis, Evie Papada, Joe Painter, Anna Papoutsi: New Borders. Hotspots and the European Migration Regime

CONTROL: Today's European refugee policy is no longer about respect for free movement, but about control.

Europe's perfected crime

Marcus Imhoof: Eldorado

: The documentary Eldorado deals with Europe's cynical treatment of refugees and reminds us that Europeans themselves were on the run almost 100 years ago.

Is it a crime to save lives?

Michael Toesca: Libre (To the Four Winds)

: France sentences its own citizens to prison for assisting people in need. Europe is letting the ragged remains of its morals and ethics drown in the Mediterranean. Libre follows a man who counteracts.

Children on the run

Ida Theresa Myklebost: Unwelcome

: On the border between Greece and Macedonia, the Al Bakri family lives in a makeshift tent camp. They have fled from the hell of war in Syria, to the hell of refugee life in Europe. What do you do when the only thing you own is hope?

The fake refugee

Kristian Husted: Vahid

: The theater man Kristian Husted goes undercover as a refugee, but unfortunately gets too little out of the transformation. 

Does anyone miss 206 children?

: In 2017, 206 children disappeared from Norwegian asylum reception centers, and we still do not know where they are. 

Rehumanization of refugees

Laurent VanLancker: Kales

: With a subdued and unobtrusive approach, director and anthropologist Laurent Van Lancker lets the residents of the now destroyed camp at Calais describe their separate community in their own words.

Europe's self-harm 

Bernd Ulrich: Good morning, Abendland

: It's dusk in the West. But the morning blush brings light, according to Bernd Ulrich.