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About experiencing earthquakes between two book binders


The verdict has fallen

THE VERDICT: Finally, my, as well as all other victims' dream has come true.

A silent form of genocide

Alex De Waal: Mass Starvation. The History and Future of Famine

: Can hunger be eliminated? Today's famines have political causes, says Professor Alex De Waal. He believes famine must be criminalized and that political leaders must be brought to justice. 

Lies can get him sentenced to life

: Norway will now extradite genocide accused Eugene Nkuranyabahizi to Rwanda, where he risks life imprisonment. Ny Tid can document that witness after witness speaks untruth, yet they are believed by both Kripos and the Norwegian judiciary.

Politically motivated judgment

: An opposition politician challenged Paul Kagame in the presidential election. In the end, Victoire Ingabire was sentenced to 15 years in prison for "genocide ideology". A number of independent journalists have also been imprisoned in recent years.

On the way to genocide?

: Norwegian authorities must decide what role they want to play in Burundi: Violence is increasing, and trends from the massacres in neighboring Rwanda are repeated. The West is also responsible for the increase in ethnic conflicts.