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Where everyone is fighting for attention

Boyana Art: Artist at work

subjects: How should art stand out in a time when artistic work has come to resemble modern working life with its constant demands for communication, networking and visibility? Appearance and staging have become more important than content. Can we today actually rediscover our relationship with time, the experience of duration, practice doing less? Not being a means to an end?

The impossible place

Mark GE Kelly: Normal Now: Individualism as Conformity

Normality: Mark GE Kelly examines how norms affect important parts of life and our understanding of normality – with regard to sexuality, orientation, body image, identity, illness, death, individualism, hedonism, racism and white privilege.

Ibsen's "abnormal" female figures

WOMEN: On the occasion of Women's Day on March 8, MODERN TIMES is here to reflect on the changing times, an excerpt from Eivind Tjønneland's new book «Abnormal» women – Henrik Ibsen and the decadence. Ibsen's dramas were described in 1893 as written for hysterical women, male masochists and the mentally retarded.

As a thinker, one must be "the bad example" faithful and grateful

Brian Benjamin Hansen: For example – examples that think

PHILOSOPHY: Perhaps the example is better for innovation than the question. Like Michel Foucault, Slavoj Žižek likes to bypass more traditional academic sources.

Foucault and neoliberalism

Now: Agora Nos. 3–4

PHILOSOPHY: Shortly after Agora's magnificent publication on populism, the magazine follows up with an even thicker publication. This time it is about Michel Foucault and his pioneering lecture series on neoliberalism.

Too much is governed by the recognizable, the reproducible, the interchangeable

Alexander Hooke: Alphonso Lingis and Existential Genealogy

VIDEN: Where is it that, according to author Alexander Hooke, "does not fit into a familiar cultural epic pattern, opera, tragedy, romance, ballet, comedy, vaudeville, sitcom, or farce"?

Bjørneboe, Gateavisa, and post-anarchism

: Is it possible that traits from anarchism still have great validity for some of us today?

The destruction, death and militarization of everyday life

NECROPOLITICS: Leaving millions of people to starvation, epidemics, war and flight.

«The disciplinary community was born out of the great plague epidemics»

Achilles the Dead: brutalism

CONTROL: Today, millions of racialized bodies have been made redundant in relation to the metabolism of capital and are being written into a digitally mediated nexus of exclusion, control and destruction technologies. MODERN TIMES here goes into the topic via author Achille Mbembe in three articles.

About postmodernism: Hollow as a Swiss cheese

: Flamme Forlag's new book shows that the worst aspects of postmodernism are alive and well.

Foucault's tool box

: Foucault's Concepts is a brilliant overview work for Foucault enthusiasts.

Foucault, plastic and persecuted minorities

: Three hits in the audio-visual waters online.