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Breaking the silence of the Lebanese civil war

Daniele Rugo, Abi Weaver: About a War

THE WAR IN LEBANON: About a War shows how understanding history can contribute to reconciliation and progress in a society where it is still taboo to talk about the past.

The Cold War

: When NATO history is written in Norway, it is always the "coup in Czechoslovakia" that is the starting point. (ORIENTERING APRIL 22, 1969)

The power of mobilization

Lisa Mueller: Political Protest in Contemporary Africa

: Political opposition in Africa is led by middle-class individuals, while the poor gather in the streets.

A sense of living in a time when the world is dying

Sayaka Murata: Convenience Store Woman

: How can the story of the employee in a grocery store captivate so many readers worldwide?

A perpetual growth curve of incessant technological innovation from Tesla's Elon Musk, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and a host of other tech moguls

James Bridle: New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future

: Critical settlement with the belief that technology can solve all of humanity's problems in the artist and theorist James Bridal's new book.

Britain's hidden empire

Michael Oswald: The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire

: The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (2017) charts how the British elite has created a shockingly diverse economic system, through the creation of tax havens around the world. This is a movie all ordinary taxpayers should watch.

Russian defectors and the Litvinenko affair 

: Like Sergei Skripal, Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned in Britain. Beyond this, the two cases have little in common.

Major political lies about Russia?

: What can politicians really say with certainty about the poisoning of the Russian ex-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter – and what unfortunate consequences is this case about to have?

Exit Britannia

Heidi Sævareid: Life in the UK

: The United Kingdom has left the EU, but is on its way to Europe. Heidi Sævareid's infatuation with the UK has passed. Men dei bur framleis ilag. What is she doing? She brings out the humor.

Major political pretext 

: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom claims that Russia "probably was behind" the alleged poisonous attack on ex-agent Sergei Skripal, but could this indicate a comprehensive plan to get Russia branded as a criminal state?

Brutal Brexit for Norway

: When the UK leaves the EU, they will also leave the EEA, and Norway will stand on its own two feet in front of its most important trading partner.

The world's global banking center

: British imperialism does not end. London has become a global banking center with a focus on the world currency, the euro dollar. Brexit is clearly not changing that.