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The horror in Gaza is driving people crazy

REPORT: MODERN TIMES reports from inside Gaza. And what does Hamas think about what has happened?

The atmosphere of fear among the Palestinians

PALESTINE/ISRAEL: Life in Gaza is at times like reading a good novel, not least because the stories about Israel's war against ordinary Palestinians are so vividly described.

A kind of unofficial indictment against the State of Israel

Palestine: Israel has cultivated close relations with 'Papa Doc' in Haiti, Nicolae Ceaușescu in Romania, Pinochet in Chile, and the Hutu regime in Rwanda. And when Israel's largest arms fair, the ISDEF Biennale was held, it attracted more than 12 international visitors from over 000 different countries' military, police and security services.

Gaza: Right to defend itself?

AVERAGE: What about Gaza and the media? WikiLeaks was early on an important source for revelations about Israel. The dream of driving all non-Jews out of ancient Palestine governed Israel's policy long before there was a Hamas.

The war

FRED: Linn Stalsberg identifies in his new book that accepting war as a human normal state is one of the great danger signals today. We have become accustomed to the idea that war is a necessity, and that war can be morally required on top of that. At the same time, religion is often used cynically as a tool to promote a warlike development – ​​this extends from Pope Urban to Putin and Netanyahu to Hamas.

It is not possible to wipe out Hamas

HAMAS: Leila Seurat provides a good basis for understanding what went terribly wrong on October 7, when Hamas made a drastic change of course. The purpose of it all was to get the Palestinian cause back on the global agenda, and it has largely succeeded.

When violence becomes the only thing

POWER: According to Hannah Arendt, the use of violence, weapons and bombs renders us politically speechless. Can her particular analyzes of power teach us anything about the violence that is being carried out from and in Gaza today?

Freedom, dignity and hope

GAZA: MODERN TIMES meets different voices in Gaza today: About America's new plan, and conditions on the ground.

A new artificial harbor and airport outside Gaza?

The people of Gaza are getting poorer and are struggling to survive. But the local fishermen have an idea that might help.