Daisaku Ikeda's Peace Proposal for 2019

PROHIBITION: The world's largest Buddhist peace movement supports the initiative to ban the development and use of autonomous weapons and proposes to establish a group of friends for the ban on nuclear weapons.


ENVIRONMENT:  New Extinction Rebellion should be taken seriously.

The anatomy of the neo-nationalist women's hat

Why are certain people in a position of power so preoccupied with killing those women who demand justice for the sex work they were forced to perform during World War II?

A sense of living in a time when the world is dying

How can the story of a grocery store employee capture so many readers worldwide?

Sharing the rhythm of each step

A different travelogue about two Norwegian women embarking on a monumental pilgrimage in Japan. On their way to 88 Shingon temples, they will let go of one and one mental blockage – the goal is redemption.

Soreness among strangers

A suggestive tribute to the golden age of the avant-garde film draws me right in with its hypnotic soundscape – Japanese children's song, piano and a narrative voice. But then!

Movies from the East

Horror, anime, samurai film, experiment, costume drama, monster movie and softcore – all Japanese films are in tension between east and west.