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The divine comedy

EVIL: God Himself is the problem of evil: Do we have to kill, and do we have to kill many, and all the time, for the world to get better?

Ground Fascism

: The Plot Against America

ANTISEMITTISM: Although it depicts an alternative story about the United States during World War II, The Plot Against America paints a frighteningly realistic picture of how fascist ideology can play out in practice.

Jesus from Instagram

Series creator Michael Petroni: Messiah

RELIGION: The Netflix series Messiah asks the fascinating question of how Jesus – or someone who appears like him – would be received today.

Kafka before the law

Benjamin Balint: Kafka's Last Trial. The Case of a Literary Legacy

: RIGHTS: Who owns the rights to Franz Kafka's surviving manuscripts? Kafka was Jewish, lived in Prague and wrote in German, but was he really without identity?

globalization father

SLOTERDIK: Despite all safe immunization and security requirements, one can not reverse the internet, tourism, multiethnicity and international trade.