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An extraordinary and endangered life

Alexei Vakhrushev: The Book of the Sea (Kniga morya)

Yupik-Inuit: The Book of the Sea is a mesmerizingly beautiful close-up study of a way of life that disappears in step with the melting of the poles, and shows a side of Russia we have hardly seen before.

The dangerous thing about doomsday prophecies

CLIMATE ANXIETY: In reality, the world is moving forward, although fanatical activists and desperate media would like to tell us the opposite.

"Norway's place is in Europe"

EU: If Europe is to achieve a "Green New Deal", where the environment is taken seriously, we must get past nationalism and stupefying populism – according to Eva Joly.

Restructuring Directions?

COPENHAGEN: Cities choose to take on a leading role in the fight for the climate.

The earth accounts for the politics of capitalism

Brett Story: The Hottest August

URBANIZATION: The Hottest August holds up a mirror that reveals the underlying anxiety of modern survival strategy.

Global cooling alarmism

Rex J Fleming: The Rise and Fall of The Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change

COLDER TIMES: Forget global warming. CO2 does not affect the temperature of the Earth. Around 2030, on the contrary, with reduced solar activity, it may get colder.

Doomsday stories about the climate

David Wallace-Wells: The Uninhabitable Earth – Life after Warming

CLIMATE CRISIS: Keeping a cool head in an increasingly hot world is difficult. The book's author is on his way to heat stroke.

Youth with acting power

Bår Tyrmi: Mission Impact

SUSTAINABILITY GOALS: The new series Mission Impact shows engaged youth who demand action. It is released first on social media.

Sales Pitch!

: COMMENT: Not a word was mentioned about the geopolitical bias of gas when Norway was in Brussels to market itself.

The climate crisis

Andreas Malm: The Progress of This Storm. Nature and Society in a Warming World

: Andreas Malm is a fierce and clear-sighted critic of the environmental destruction of capitalism. Now he is raging against a "reactionary environmental movement" and wants to save the concept of nature in order to save nature.

350 shades of green

Bjørn Stærk: The pursuit of green happiness

: Bjørn Stærk's critique of the system is difficult to disagree with, but his truths are not necessarily others'.

Norway has become a climate political slowdown

Eivind Trædal: The black shift

: Our important public debater Eivind Trædal has written a thorough history book about Norwegian climate policy – and why it is on a wild goose chase.