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Dirty power

CHRONICLE: The new AMS electricity meters pollute the electricity grid in the house with more "dirty electricity" than old meters.

"When we act, we create reality."

CHRONICLE: Is there any reason to rejoice over the arrest of Julian Assange?

Forced medication is illegal and unlawful

TREATMENT REGIME: The effects of antipsychotics have been built on hope and unfounded claims, illustrated not least by constantly new drugs and doses.

The scary sound of religion

: Fanaticism and extremism arise the moment religion is detached from its cultural and historical background.

LISTEN: A recipe for peace

: Fear campaigns and images of enemies seem paralyzing action and make us believe that doomsday is near, writes columnist Susanne Urban. She is calling for a peace ministry.

Consumers – the hens' last hope

: Norwegians eat 30 million eggs at Easter, in addition to 660 tons of lamb. The suffering of the animals in production is for most people out of sight and out of mind.