Theater of Cruelty


The cities' marketplaces

FOOD: The marketplace is the hub around which our food products revolve. The market square is the heart of the city. Archeology teaches us that the market with its trade marked the beginning of the city itself.

Food from thin air. Almost.

Food production: The newly explored "air food" contains neither soy, hormones, pesticides, herbicides nor genetically modified organisms. And the manufacturing process, which is carbon negative, can reduce traditional food production – which currently causes a third of the world's CO2 emissions.

The topsoil and the soil

With a renewed will to go deeper, Monbiot digs in this new book down to the roots, the very foundation of our modern...

The impossible place

Normality: Mark GE Kelly examines how norms affect important parts of life and our understanding of normality – with regard to sexuality, orientation, body image, identity, illness, death, individualism, hedonism, racism and white privilege.

To cultivate soil health

ECOLOGY: Marit Bendz has met gardeners, agronomists, farmers and enthusiasts who in various ways run an agriculture contrary to government recommendations.

The age of panic

KATE stanza:  We humans have lost control of the development we have initiated. The catastrophe is a warning that comes too late, and the elites make themselves unresponsive to the danger signals. Can we avoid panicky escape from the common problems?

guerrilla Dama

FOOD IN THE GARDEN: A new book claims that by cultivating the soil around you, on a slope, in a backyard or in a flower box, you become a more conscious consumer. These are the first steps towards a sustainable food future.

The gourmet and the future

The green shift in agriculture is on the way. Soon the cells from one cow can produce 175 millions of burgers, and the farms will direct the machinery from the tablet. 

The hunt for the green

In a Norway where waste volumes are growing, food soil is being reduced and greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, Eivind Hoff-Elimari will awaken its citizens.

Fight against oversized meat consumption

"We must regulate the artificial meat needs we have created, and we must stop putting people at the center of everything that is going to happen," says food blogger and author of Green Cookbook.


It is a long time since vegetarianism was a special subculture. Today, it is rather something we should all seriously consider.

Are insects the new meat? 

Insects we once watched with disgust are now being highlighted as the solution to the world's food shortages. Can insects really save the world?

A total food production without food waste

It is often debated whether movies can change the world. German Valentin Thurn's Taste the Waste has done just that by putting environmentally harmful food production in the spotlight. Now the Foodsharing organization is getting overwhelming response.