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Doctors Without Borders: Enough is enough

MSF will no longer receive money from EU countries or Norwegian authorities.

Inclusion Message?

We have to include, not just integrate. And then Listhaug's rhetoric becomes a real problem.

The toughest of all mass movements roar at the gate

Europe's governments are introducing strict measures in country after country to stem the despair and fear that has gathered in the refugees. The...

The dress-dressed Somali in Malta

The asylum system is a key part of Europe's humanitarian heritage. Is it possible to manage this legacy in a wise and sustainable way in the middle of ...

Between sleepy daily life and acute refugee crisis

If you go to the Short Film Festival in Grimstad in June, you can see the Berlin-winning refugee documentary Fire at Sea long before it is set up in cinema. But also the Norwegian documentary program has a lot of exciting to offer.

Zizek is better at self-searching than practical solutions 

What previously could only be expressed as politically incorrect humor in the private has now become official policy.

The photographic meeting

"I'm not looking for any documentary look – I'd rather blend in with the reality of the people I'm portraying. It is in the meeting between me and them, where the boundary between fiction and documentary is unclear, that I can create something honest, ”says Hilde Honerud.

Spontaneously abducted, handcuffed and naked

Pregnant Mithel Ghaneem spontaneously aborted when the police came to send her out of Norway. For three days after the spontaneous abortion, she was put on the plane out of Norway with bleeding in her abdomen. 

Over-control can lead to radicalization

The government's target figures for the expulsion of illegal immigrants in Norway have led to more and more extensive immigration checks – also by Norwegian citizens. Now, many fear that the controls may lead to increased radicalization among youth. 

Filmed murder – was threatened

Imad Abu Shamsiya filmed an Israeli soldier executing a wounded Palestinian in Hebron. Since then, the family has received several death threats. “We no longer dare go out alone. But I do not regret what I did, ”he says.

"Traumatizing for the kids"

Jon Ole Martinsen and NOAS are critical of the police coming and picking up asylum seekers at night or early in the morning: "We have been notified that the police have broken open the door of a toddler family."

"Inhuman and unnecessarily brutal"

NOAS and Secretary-General Ann-Magrit Austenå are upset over the treatment the Ghaneem family received. "It worries us that more asylum seekers have recently been thrown out, despite medical advice," she says.

Authorities believe they made no mistake

Both the UDI and the Police Immigration Unit say that they have never seen the medical certificate stating that Mithel Ghaneem should not be sent out. Police say they have followed the routines. 

Children's best?

The government has presented its proposals for asylum restrictions. In the presentation, the words "children's best" were mentioned several times. The strictest rules in Europe must, according to ...

Outlawed marriage – sent out of Norway

Zufan came to Norway for a family reunion in 2010. After several years of mental and physical abuse from her husband, she finally managed to break out of marriage. The "prize" is broadcast from Norway. 

Escape to Freedom? 

Greece is known in the midst of the relocation flow. Suitably, this year's documentary film festival in Thessaloniki had its own section for films on this topic.