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What exactly is property?

RIGHT OF USE: Use assumes ownership. Homeless people can't just move into empty apartments. But it is a mismatch between use and property in late racial capitalism. Also when it comes to patents. Property can be financial violence.

Creative destruction

GARBAGE: Norway is not equipped for textile sorting. Although we sort rubbish, we are nowhere near places in Japan that can recycle in 34 different categories. The goal is that the municipalities are not left with any waste – and without garbage trucks!

To salvage what is salvaged can

TECHNOLOGY: Are artificial intelligence and drones good news for nature and the protection of the planet's ecosystems?

The void after father

Fathers missed: Sibylle Lacan, daughter of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, tells of a sore father relationship in this short but strong memoir.

Together for life

SYMBIOSIS: We must think differently about both man and computer. Their being is more entangled than we think, and both change and adapt to each other.

From stone age hunting to industrial slaughter

PLANT COST: Is there no way beyond meat?

What happened to the children's right to privacy?

"SHARE THINGS" : Parents share a snapshot of photos and information about their children in social media without considering the long-term consequences, and without the children's consent.

In the shadow of Einstein

TRAGICAL FATE: The unreasonable treatment of hopeful scientist Mileva Einstein-Marić continued after her death.

From part to whole in consciousness research

BRAIN: The Feeling of Life Itself addresses the deepest goals of neuroscience – the understanding of consciousness.

Spotify sells your user data

DATA SALES: Spotify does more than stream music. They also conduct a comprehensive profiling of their users and market this information commercially.

Vammel serving of Lama

SPIRITUALITY: When defending our common future, more than flatness is needed about the importance of harmony and the assumption of power.

The digital wealth makes us poorer

NEW MEDIA: Jay David Bolter gives a thorough description of today's digital culture, where technology makes it easy to create and shape digital communities that users fill with unpaid content.

A society in short supply

TECHNOLOGY: Chaos has taken over, but can we find a way out of the chaos?

Growth at all costs?

CONSUMPTION: Can we continue today's practice of continuous economic growth? Can our own society with overconsumption be transferred to the world's new billions of future citizens?

Right's green dream

In line with climate change and rising environmental crises, the need for change is recognized. The question is what this implies.

It's good to be kind to yourself and others

An IT professor at elite university MIT was suddenly surrounded by depression and suicide. It made him collect portraits of those who almost went to the bottom, but who reappeared to the surface.