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What about surveillance in the digital culture revolution?

Thomas Hylland Eriksen: The planet of apps – how the smartphone changed the world

big tech: The planet of apps is probably one of the richest things you can now read about how we humans "sew together" with communication technology. But what about surveillance?

Burmese killed for his idealism (interview)

: New Time met the lawyer who probably became too dangerous for Myanmar's old military: Recently he was killed for fighting side by side with Aung San Suu Kyi for the new democracy.

Editor with life as effort

: How free is the press in the former military dictatorship? Ny Tid spoke with Myanmar's perhaps most independent newspaper editor who is also critical of Norwegian support. 

Asia's most vulnerable boat refugees

: The stateless Rohingya live in inhumane conditions in the border areas, on refugee boats and as prisoners in slave camps. The authorities pretend they do not exist. 

Military division of power in Myanmar

: Despite Aung San Suu Kyi's landslide victory in the parliamentary elections in November, she is forced to share power with the military – and that could be her big challenge.

Myanmar's long road to peace

: Myanmar's historic parliamentary elections do not necessarily lead to peace in the country, after more than half a century of conflict with the country's many minority groups.

The freeing power of the scrap heap

: Cultural resistance is to patch together what one finds on the heap. Burmese Days carefully shows how Myanmar cultural actors see the potential of the fragmented – and that a ruined society does not have to be hopeless.

Democracy extremism

: While the people of Myanmar have gained greater freedom and are due to vote in parliamentary elections on November 8, Buddhist extremism, aggression and discrimination against Muslims are being institutionalized.

A strange month for Burma

: March is again marked by violence against protesters in Burma. Norway's voice is perceived as strangely quiet this spring.