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the Middle East and Africa over the last decade

The biggest crime

: Bernt Hagtvet published this week "The Black Book of the Genocides". It will expand our understanding of the most serious abuses, such as Stalin's. But is all that is terrible a genocide?

Far away in Iraq

: Maundy Thursday marks five years since the United States invaded Iraq. Now the US authorities claim that they are on the right track, but for the Iraqis there is still a long way to go.

Increases disputed investment

: Norway gambles that Putin, Hu, Chavez and Bush are good investment objects. Ny Tid presents here how the Petroleum Fund invests more and more Norwegian money in controversial states.

The world's eyes on the United States

: An entire world follows the dramatic presidential battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Read Ny Tid's unique reports on the US election from the inside of countries such as India, Cuba, Iran, China, Japan, Palestine and Canada.

The protest songs are back

: – When poetry and politics are mixed, it is often a very good result, says the current rock icon Patti Smith to Ny Tid.

The war as a crime novel

: When the tragedy of Palestine is told as a crime, the hope of peace lies in ruins, while the Palestinians go to war against each other.

Said no to UN service in Iraq

: Norway received a request to send personnel to a UN operation in Iraq, but would not.

- Russian-friendly rocket shield

: The rocket shield can not shoot down Russian rockets, claims the American project manager.

Alternative to the people

: More and more Norwegians seek out spiritual books and schools in their search for meaning beneath the material surface.

This is how YOU can prepare for the apocalypse.

: You have killed a UN soldier, and your game character shouts: "Praise the lord!"

Hollywood is waking up

: – After 11/XNUMX, the authorities asked us to put aside freedom of expression. Now we see the truth, says Robert Redford. Hans Løver for lam joins the ranks of new political films.

Bush celebrates Ramadan

: Even the United States' George W. Bush has set a good example this autumn in cultural understanding.