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the Middle East and Africa over the last decade

The hatred of Jews and Muslims

: In today's Norway, we can not fight the incitement against the Jews without also dealing with the delusions about the Muslim minority. And vice versa.

The wall is sponsored by…

: The 110-meter-not-answer-the-question sport has got a new top athlete:

truth Prophet

: Few Norwegians can write a midlife biography based on a dozen current wars and conflicts. Jan Egeland is perhaps the only one.

Inhuman disorders

: – A hell on earth, says the Buddhist monk and freedom fighter Ven. Bagdro about the time in Chinese prison.

The art of changing the world

: Cosmic culture will show how culture intervenes in politics, not just when it is openly political.

History of freedom of speech

: Some Symbolic Events in the Global History of Freedom of Expression:

Therefore, Burma was forgotten

: Hans Olav Lahlum: When Kjell Magne Bondevik and Børge Brende were in government, the answers about Burma were a study in non-committal gossip and explanations.

oil curse

: Oil is still a threat to peace in Africa.

When states fail

: Ironically, NGOs are the salvation of our global world.

Syria is closing its borders

: Syria will not accept more refugees from Iraq unless the world helps more.

That's why we protest

: Here are the reasons why we get involved in conflicts, as now with Burma. And the reasons why we usually do not care.

Seeing Persepolis in Tehran

: While the film Persepolis is hailed in Europe, we in Iran experience it as one-sided.