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the Middle East and Africa over the last decade

Trojan horse?

: Will China become a protector of the existing or help introduce a new order?

The fight against crisis capitalism

: Disaster profiteers make up the new global upper class, believes Naomi Klein.

40 years with Sgt. Pepper

: In the summer of 1967, the Beatles released the album that was to turn most things upside down.

Art on the open

: Guides to the street galleries.

The war against women

: The images of female soldiers in Iraq hide cruel truths.

Rearrange the Middle East

: The United States has announced a sharp increase in weapons assistance to countries in the Middle East. Norwegian weapons manufacturers can get fat on that.


: July 23, a Norwegian special forces soldier was killed in Afghanistan. There is a strong connection between what is happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan, explains researcher and Afghanistan expert Arne Strand, who believes a military solution will not work.

The defense must be opened

: The secrecy surrounding Norwegian soldiers' assignments abroad damages the Armed Forces.

Letter from Tora Bora

: The Americans almost managed to crack down on Al Qaeda in 2002, but then they invaded Iraq.

- Must realize the seriousness

: While fewer and fewer Afghans are coming to Norway, the number of Iraqi refugees is increasing.

opinion run

: The debate books occupy the bestseller lists, but is the public enriched or have the books been tabloidized?

Jesus at Disney World

: What happens when you replace Mickey Mouse with Jesus and his friends?