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What really characterizes NETFLIX?

Amanda D. Lotz: Netflix and Streaming Video: The Business of Subscriber-Funded Video on Demand

Netflix: Media professor Amanda Lotz provides some interesting perspectives on the global streaming services' business models and Netflix's success.

The role model who fell

Elizabeth Meriwether: TV SERIES: The Dropout


Exploring sexuality unrestrained without being judged by others

Marie Bergström: The New Laws of Love: Online Dating and the Privatization of Intimacy

dating: Marie Bergström looks at modern love and sexuality in connection with online dating. But is online dating really as safe as she claims?

To escape the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle

Anna Winger, Alexa Karolinski: unorthodox

: Thoughtful story about a young girl who leaves a Hasidic society for a better life outside.

Jesus from Instagram

Series creator Michael Petroni: Messiah

RELIGION: The Netflix series Messiah asks the fascinating question of how Jesus – or someone who appears like him – would be received today.

Regime criticism as entertainment

Agnieszka Holland, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Kasia Adamik, Olga Chajdas: 1983

: Four Polish women have created an entertaining TV series where sharp criticism of the regime is the theme – with the telling title 1983.

Identity problems and false confessions

Stefan Berg, Katrine Philp: Leslie on Fire / False Confessions

: Identity problems among young immigrants in Sweden, and the need for better legal security in the USA: Sofielund and New York are the framework for two new Nordic documentaries.

Proximity to American conventionalism

Carl Javér / Paul Greengrass: Reconstructing Utøya / 22 July

: Of the two new films about the Utøya massacre, it is Reconstructing Utøya which, through the honest stories of four survivors, in all its simplicity allows us to sense both the extent of the tragedy and a way forward for those involved.

Consumerism eats its children

Alison Clayman: Take Your Pills

: Being chemically free of emotions, pain and fatigue can be good for your career. As long as it lasts.

Hang the disc jockey, burn the disco 

Charlie Brooker: Black Mirror season 4

: Black Mirror season 4 consists of six stand-alone episodes with independent action sequences, but with strongly converging themes. These are projections of the intended and unintended effects of technological gadgets, and these conflicts create at both the micro and macro level.

Interesting studies in deviations 

David Fincher, Andrew Douglas, Asif Kapadia, Tobias Lindholm: Mindhunter

: Monster or human? In the series Mindhunter, it digs deep into unpleasant material to find out the real nature of the serial killer. 

An almost perfect author portrait

Griffin Dunne: Joan Didion: The Center Won't Hold

: Joan Didion's nephew has created the ideal entrance to her writing.