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Fate time for the Paris Agreement

: Can we still count on the United States? As for erraticness – yes.

The labor movement of our time

: Why are we still talking about the labor movement in today's Norway?

Black Bible for a Green Future 

Anne Karin Sæther: The best intentions The oil country in the climate battle

: The 169 representatives who will take over the Storting this autumn should receive The Best Intentions as a welcome gift.

Cash off

: ...

Donald Trump's Norwegian running guys in Afghanistan

: Why is the debate about Norway's war participation and arms trade almost absent? 

To build peace

: While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 'section for peace and reconciliation spends one and a half billion a year, the Armed Forces' budget is over 44 billion. What are the lessons learned from others who have set up their own Ministry of Peace?

Ministry of Peace

: Can we stop war with war? No, several organizations in the Norwegian peace movement believe. Ahead of the elections in September, they are intensifying their work for a separate peace ministry. 

A national ill-feeling

: The kingdom represents the "lasting" values ​​and contributes to the general dullness, which is the precondition for people to vote bourgeois.

Programmatic programs

: There is hardly any overwhelming reading, but lax language and high phrase density notwithstanding: Give the party programs a chance in the run-up to the election.

Tasty carotid artery

Trude Lorentzen, Karin Beate Nøsterud (photo): E6. A journey through Norwegians' lives

: Well-written and stylish book about a country that is somewhere between the continental and «Around Norway».