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Beauty in the ruins

Boris B. Bertram: Photographer of War

THE WAR REPORTER: Jan Grarup's work as a photographer has brought him to conflict zones and disasters around the world – from Darfur to Haiti. He juggles life on the front lines of family life.

Genocide in seductive colors

Patrick Brown: No Place on Earth

GENOCIDE: Exceptional photo book provides a shocking insight into the genocide of the Rohingya.

Currency of visibility

Photography 1997-2017: Hannah Starkey

PHOTOGRAPHY: Hannah Starkey's retrospective photo book shows a maturing journey in the eyes of women.

The river as the life blood of the city

Mario Cruz: Living Amongst What Is Left Behind

PHILIPPINES: A photo book shows us what the world looks like for many. A rubbish heap. A mockery of human dignity. A destroyed ecosystem. Can the power of photography assist us in the desire for change?

Camera women in the firing line

PHOTOGRAPHY: A varied selection of talented war photographers is highlighted from oblivion in two new exhibitions at the Preus Museum: Wartime (1935–1950) and Lee Miller.

Mafia power

: Ny Tid met the Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia during the Berlinale for a conversation about her photographic work and the Italian mafia today.

The knot in the heart

: Photographer Eugene Richards has documented fates in crack environments, in emergency rooms and mental hospitals for over 50 years. What has driven him?

The fools in the streets of New York

: Helen Levitt's exhibition shows how life in the streets of New York City in the nineteenth century could be playful and fun – especially for the little ones.

Photographic turning operation

Avani Rai: Raghu Rai. An Unframed Portrait

: All her life she has been her world famous father's favorite object. What happens when master photographer Raghu Rai's daughter points her camera lens at her father?

The importance of photography

: Does the art of photography have the potential to change society and politics?

Photography for change

: Dorothea Lange and Vanessa Winship's joint exhibition in London shows political photography from two very different eras – how much is still the same. 

From the darkness of the soul

: Internationally he is considered a legend, but in Norway few have heard of war photographer Stanley Greene, who died earlier this year.