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Paris agreement

The fear of the end of the world

FUTURE: For the first time in its long history, humanity is – possibly inevitably – facing an increasing and real risk of extinction due to the reckless activities of Homo sapiens. The effects of greed, violence, ignorance, fanaticism, political short-sightedness, overpopulation and over-exploitation of all available resources are the prerequisites for an expected disaster.

Extreme weather, loss of topsoil, crops and possible resource disputes

CHRONICLE: The Storting election must be a climate election. How about allocating one extra percent of the national budget to climate measures in developing countries?

Must, can, will, should and must

Climate summits show a world in which the nuances between should, must and should be able to mean everything for the outcome of the negotiations.

Fate time for the Paris Agreement

Can we still count on the United States? As for the erratic – yes.