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Pax Forlag

Doesn't the ground hurt, brother?

ANIMALS: Ethically speaking, we are way overtime with our treatment of the non-human animals. Many of these have emotions such as fear, pity and sadness. We shouldn't eat animals, but what if we get sick from not doing so?

Erich Fromm as a theorist

FREUD/MARX: Does historical materialism ("Marxism") have a flawed conceptual framework when it has to decipher the capitalist social formations of our time?

NATO base Norway

MILITARISERING: From being a "pact between independent nations", NATO developed in a short time into a gigantic military apparatus. Do we have a fight against the compact silence? Kari Enholm documents.

"The people will be led"

PHILOSOPHY: Is freedom of speech a matter for scholars? Are Trump and QAnon entitled to free speech? There is much to suggest that Kant would answer no to this question.

A death sentence on the Syrian state

SYRIA: A multisectoral, multi-religious, multi-linguistic and multiethnic state torn to shreds by the Ba'ath party, extremists, militias and rival superpowers, all demanding their share of the country.

We who loved America

The title of this article is not ironic. I myself belong to those who have truly loved America, and I know how it feels.

Carl Schmitt – an unpleasant theorist

POLITICAL THEORY: Political is not a talk club for the philosopher Carl Schmitt. Rather, it is the action that shows us who we are and who is the enemy.

A still very secret world

During the Cold War, Stay Behind armies were to be mobilized in Western Europe by a possible Soviet occupation. British and Americans used some of these for other purposes.

A hundred years of patience

Anarchy in The UKR takes the reader on a dreamy journey from the revolution in 1917 to today's conflict in eastern Ukraine.