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The relationship between anthropology and moving images

ANTHROPOLOGY: Arnd Schneider from the University of Oslo prescribes a new, participatory, inclusive, artistic anthropology. We choose here to present insights from the book's chapters on the interesting use of documentary for observation and interpretation in today's society.

The Ukraine war is really about a new world order

CONFLICTS: Glenn Diesen believes it is time to look at the relationship with Russia and 'the others' – at least an attempt to observe the situation from their side. Meanwhile, the US defines 'democracy' as its 'rules-based order' – eagerly promoted with 800 US military aces around the world. A graveyard democracy, an illusion of peace.

Muslim elites, exercise of power and terror

AFRICA: What can a book say about Boko Haram or the porous border between today's Cameroon and today's Chad? Or about the pre-colonial kingdom of Kanem-Bornu?

Environmental protection in the sign of evolution

In the worst case, the romantic view of nature can stand in the way of adaptable environmental protection work, claims environmental studies professor Douglas Spieles in a new book.

Tourism – troublesome or enriching?

Tourism is under scrutiny in a thought-provoking book about a world industry in expansive growth.

A growth economy is cracking

The Hong Kong demonstrations in 2014 may have been as much about a lack of economic opportunities as a lack of democratic rights.

Economics in a healthy ecosystem

An economy where production, consumption and recycling are linked to a balanced "food chain" is the solution to the ecological crisis, according to economist Ove Jakobsen.