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About real and imaginary threats to Norway

: Continued refugee flows, jihadism and increasing scarcity of resources could lead to a long-term economic downturn, Helge Lurås believes.

The Slavko Curuvija killing: A dry and dangerous media landscape

: SERBIA: An ongoing trial in Serbia exposes brutal abuses against freedom of the press and expression under the Milosevic regime. It also directs a critical spotlight on today's Serbian media landscape.

Ukraine and the fascist threat

: UKRAINE: In early July, the paramilitary fascist organization Right Sector was involved in an exchange of gunfire with Ukrainian police. Now they are threatening to make a revolution and put the president before the Supreme Court. How serious is the fascist threat in Ukraine?

Haven't we learned anything from Srebrenica?

GENOCIDE: On July 11 this year, it is 20 years since Srebrenica fell.

"Kadyrov second most powerful after Putin"

: President Ramzan Kadyrov will apparently remain in power in Chechnya. In the long run, there are many indications that Chechnya and the North Caucasus will no longer be part of Russia.

No expectations for the election

Belarusians have little faith in the October 11 election. "It's just a game," said a Belarusian human rights activist visiting Oslo.

Norway is paving the way for a new NATO base in Georgia

: While relations between Russia and the West are worse than for decades, the Norwegian defense is leading the construction of a new NATO base in Georgia, the country that was at war with Russia in 2008.