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Never more war?

: Can a third world war based on allegations be thrown at us? Our allies have deployed doomsday weapons in large numbers – a major war today puts all lives in danger.

Calls for a new peace movement

: "A peace activist organized practice is absent," says Marielle Leraand in Rødt til Ny Tid. Should the party's main be the fight against a Difference Norway or an attempt to re-establish the peace movement? Leerand says that the peace movement has been virtually dead since 2003.

Inside Syria: two lived experiences

Reese Erlich / Yassin al-Haj Saleh: Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their War and What the World Can Expect / The Impossible Revolution: Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy

: American Reese Erlich and Syrian Yassin al-Haj Saleh go into the breadth and depth of their books on the war in Syria, respectively.

Can the New Democracy in Northern Syria Survive?

: The third Turkish invasion of northern Syria: the rescue or downfall of a new type of democracy.

Meanwhile, in Syria, Libya, Bosnia

: In Bosnia, peace created the ethnic division no general, no army, no genocide would achieve. Will the same thing happen in Syria?

The war as a show

Obaidah Zytoon, Andreas Dalsgaard: The War Show

: What does a radio DJ do when her homeland is transformed into one of the cruelest battlefields on the planet? Obaidah Zytoon chose to make a documentary about it.

Aleppo's fall from the inside

Nizam Najar: Aleppo's fall

: The fall of Aleppo takes a ground perspective on the Syrian conflict and occasionally comes dangerously close to the drama in Syria's capital. 

"All the warring parties in Syria are criminals"

: We met the Syrian peace activist Maram Daoud during the world's largest peace policy festival.

The reviewer's reviews

: Documentaries claim to represent facts – they can not only be judged by how much emotional touch they have.

No way back

Alfoz Tanjour: A Memory in Khaki

: Filmmaker Alfoz Tanjour undertakes the significant task of documenting what is happening beyond the tragedy of the war, in the private rooms of a population that has been oppressed by the Assad regime for the past 50 years.

More politician contempt now!

: Do politicians not want to know the consequences of their decisions? Yes – but only when there is something to brag about.