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Describes the everyday life of the refugee children

: Half a million Syrian children today live in Lebanon with inadequate or no schooling. The documentary If I Close My Eyes provides an insight into their everyday lives. Ny Tid spoke with director Francesca Mannechi who lets our subscribers see the film.

Kurdish Anarchism

: "Nothing similar has been seen since the Spanish Civil War," Norwegian anarchists believe. The Kurdish People's Defense Unit seeks to create a system that ensures democracy, equality, freedom of expression and the rights of minorities.      

World Crisis?

: ISIS 'good growth conditions were the most relevant topic at the major Middle East conference in Berlin.

Mahmud's Escape (streaming!)

: It is deeply moving to get close to Mahmoud's family during the flight from Syria to Switzerland. Even the life-threatening rubber boat trip across the icy sea is documented – with a small mobile camera.

Those who provide relief in the firing line

: For five years we have been following the civil war in Syria – from what was an incipient crisis, to the situation we see now. The figures from the crisis are disappointing. But there is still much that can be saved in Syria, and there are bright spots. 

Syria lost childhood

: Arab film days: The conversations with Syrian children on the run become a mosaic of young voices appearing as a murky, heartbreaking reflection of the adults' incomprehensible movements and exchanges.

Both Che Guevara and mother

: HRHW Film Festival: Sean McAllister's new documentary is a strong love story, which paints a picture of the dramatic development of recent years in Syria.

Jonathan Littell: Syrian Notebooks

: Littell writes for those who want to know the Syrian reality on the body.