Theater of Cruelty


With the willing and servile oil country Norway in tow

EQUIPMENT: That the rest of the world, apart from the West, does not stand on the side of Norway, the USA and NATO when it comes to Ukraine today, is not surprising when we know the centuries of looting and colonial times, followed by imperialist wars and Western-backed coups. It is still "war and weapons that create peace" that is the narrative. Stop the race to a possible world war!

The books are pilgrimages

Peter Handke: Does art possess an independent quality that cannot be overridden by a moral judge?

Mladic behind lock and turn, but the Balkans still on the bare ground

The Trial of Ratko Mladic is an informative documentary that lays the controversy of the war crimes tribunal.

In the entrance to Yugoslavia's past

Hotel Yugoslavia appears as a reflection of Yugoslavia's greatness and fall – symbolized by the once magnificent and luxurious hotel in the capital of the country that ceased to exist.

A difficult normalization

17. February celebrated the Kosovo 10 anniversary. Relationship with Serbia, EU membership, merging with Albania and a president who is at risk of being sentenced in a criminal court for his past as a UCK guerrilla leader ... Where does the country really stand, ten years after its birth?

Three political periods in Serbia

This documentary is a story from "the other side", which is not so common in the dominant narrative of Serbia before, during and after the war.